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Max Weber

Max Weber

Senior Fullstack Developer

Passionate Flutter Trainer and Developer

Mahtab Tadayon

Mahtab Tadayon

Front-End Developer

Passionate Flutter Developer

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In the year 2019, We started with an ambitious goal to set up a YouTube account, create content and writing apps. Now in 2020, We finally manage it and try to improve in all facets of it. This channel should be the Wikipedia for Flutter development and all questions related to Flutter should be able to find an answer here.

This application should help people to get general information about Covid-19. It contains four main parts, which are:

  • Info: General information about this disease
  • Statistic: Global number of confirmed, recovered and deaths. Additionally, it provides a statistic about different countries. The search field will help you to search for a country name and get all the information about it.
  • Prevention: How you can protect yourself from Covid-19.
  • Emergency: What you should do and how you should react if you have the symptom of Covid-19.
For more information, please have a look in the GitHub Repository.

This is a Widget, which you can use it in your Flutter project. 

Be very careful with using this widget. According to the Google Play Guidelines you are not allowed to get payments from external ressources. So a donation button could lead to a ban of your app!

This widget should only be used in Web or in Stores that allow a donation.

For more information please read this

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